A comprehensive analysis of the ingredients in nootropic e-liquid

E-liquid, commonly referred to as e-juice or sometimes juice, is the substance used in vaporizing devices to create vapor and smoke like effects.

What Are the Ingredients in E-juice? The most common ingredients in e-juice are vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, proprietary nootropic blend, and flavorings. Here’s a detailed breakdown of e-juice ingredients.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

  • What is Propylene Glycol? Propylene Glycol (PG) is a frequent main ingredient in most e-juices and eliquid. PG is considered a diol (or double alcohol compound).  Diols are most commonly used in binding with polymers to aid in the production of plastics. Despite use in plastic production, PG itself is rated as food-safe by the FDA.
  • How does PG affect the content or quality of my vape?  PG is a less viscous substance than VG is. PG is renowned as an excellent carrier in chemistry. This translates to is prevalence in e-juice. It brings out more of the specific flavor profiles of certain eLiquid. An e-liquid with higher propylene glycol content will be harsher on the throat and will also produce less vapor than one with higher VG.
  • What is a PG allergy?  Some people might have “negative” reactions to eliquids that contain higher concentrations of PG. This is frequently referred to as a PG allergy. It may cause certain symptoms: sore throat, sinus problems, headaches, or nausea. Many of these symptoms may result from smoking withdrawal, Sometimes, switching to a higher VG juice may reduce these symptoms as will reducing tobacco consumption. 

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

  • What is glycerin? Glycerin: An organic compound which consists of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. It is taken from oils and fats. Glycerin is used in a huge variety of pharmaceutical applications, including soap, botanical extracts, skin products, and cough mixtures. There arent any chemical differences between vegetable glycerin and any other form of glycerin — the “vegetable” part means the glycerin was derived from plant oils.
  • How is VG used in e-juice? In Electronic Cigarette eJuice Manufacturing, VG is used mainly to dilute substances, meaning it dilutes other main components of  Eliquid: nootropic blend and flavoring. VG also acts as a carrier, spreading the flavor evenly throughout a given Eliquid Solution. The Flavors profiles in VG heavy eliquids tend to become more pronounces as the liquid is aged.
  • What affect does VG have on my overall vaping experience? Eliquids that contain VG content produce a less intense, smoother throat hit when inhaled ass opposed to those containing propylene glycol, PG. VG produces inherently more vapor than does PG. VG also has a slight sweet taste to it. Higher VG contents can increase the sweetness of the inhale. At the same time, VG can reduce or slightly mute the specific flavor of a juice. For example, you may taste a less pronounced strawberry flavor with a higher-VG juice. For many vapers, this flavor-reduction effect is negligible, and is worth the benefits of using higher VG. Among vapers who drip their juices and use more advanced rebuildable atomizers, there is generally a preference for the subtler flavor and higher vapor production of aged, high-VG juices.

Nootropic Blend

  • From where does the nootropic blend originate? Our proprietary blend of nootropics contains popular nootropic compounds used to enhance cognitive function and increase mental clarity.
  • How do nootropics affect vaping? Higher nootropic concentrations increase the amount of overall nootropics in the the solution. E-juices that reference the concentration of  blend strength in an e-juice refer to the amount of milligrams of nootropic blend per total milliliter of eliquid. If you get 24 mg  or 24mg, there 24milligrams of the proprietary nootropic blend in every milliliter of e-juice. The nootropic level in e-juice ranges from 0 to 24mg/ml. Many individuals within the industry feel as though 12mg/ml is a normal amount of nootropics for percieved cognitive enhancement


  • What are flavorings? Flavorings are the natural or artificial flavors use to create eliquid flavor profiles and scents. Some flavors are naturally extracted from original, organic sources; however, others use esters and other ingredients to replicate flavors like “captain crunch” or “Hawaiian punch.” PG and ethyl alcohol are the most frequently used carrier fluids used in flavoring, these components are known in the production industry as G.R.A.S.( FDA –  generally recognized as safe)

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