Is Vaping Really Healthier Than Smoking Cigarettes?


Everyone knows: smoking is bad. It’s bad for your lungs, it’s bad for your teeth and your breath, and it just all around lowers your quality of life. But what about vaping? Why has it not come to be more widely used as a smoking substitute? Perhaps it’s because people are not well-enough informed of the benefits of vaping vs. smoking cigarettes.
First, let’s consider the health benefits of vaping as opposed to smoking. Not only do cigarettes contain tar, but cigarette smoke contains a ton of dangerous chemicals, many of which have been proven to cause cancer. Smoking is actually the most avoidable cause of death world-wide. On the other hand, vaping at the correct temperature is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. Yes, people may still be dependent on the nicotine contained inside of the e-juice, but the health risks are much lower, and vaping has been shown to actually help people quit smoking altogether.

Next, if you’ve ever been inside of a vape shop or sat down at a hookah bar, you have seen what an enormous range of flavors there are to choose from when one chooses to vape over smoking cigarettes. So not only are you improving your health by vaping, but you have the ability to enjoy it more by having so many flavor options. And not only that, but you have nicotine level options as well! You could lower the level of nicotine included in your e-juice over time until it is nicotine free, and this could actually help you stop smoking all together!
Now, think about the aroma and aesthetics of a regular tobacco cigarette as opposed to how visually and sensually appealing a vape pen is. Cigarettes emit foul odors and in turn cause the smoker to reek endlessly. E-cigarettes, however, only allow you to smell like the juice you have chosen. Even if you chose the tobacco flavor, at least it was your choice to smell that way. If you wanted, you could vape Peach e-juice and walk around smelling delightfully fruity all day!
Let’s consider the convenience of going out and buying cigarettes versus having one single vape pen and a few bottles of juice on hand at all times. A bottle of juice will last you much longer than a pack of cigarettes, and there is no messy, stinky discard when it comes to vaping, unlike cigarettes which tend to stack up in an ashy pile of horror. It is also much easier to order bottles of e-juice online and have them delivered directly to your front door. Vaping takes up less space in your pocket and frees up more of your time by not having to go and buy cigarettes every day (or twice a day, depending how much you smoke!).
Finally, you can look at vaping as your answer to addiction. It is, without a doubt in this writers mind, most definitely a healthier alternative to smoking. There are many people who have been smoking all their lives, never thought they’d be able to quit, who were actually quite surprised that after some months of vaping, they don’t really need to feel the urge to smoke a regular old tobacco cigarette at all. In many cases, these people continued to choose to vape, purely because of the lower health risk and it’s ability to produce the same delightful sensation they loved about smoking in the first place.

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