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Ambrosia is said to be the elixer of the Gods, rumored to bring both vitality and immortality to those who consume it.  Ambrosia was carried to Mount Olympus on the wings of doves, containing within it a divine exhalation of the hologrammatic universe.  NOLA VAPE bottled this sweet nectar in order to be the flagship flavor of our new Private Reserve eLiquid collection.  Putting a name to the flavor profile of Ambrosia eJuice in nearly impossible.  It is truly unique.  An ineffable flavor certain to become your all day vape.  Sweet, Fruity, Mellow, Sour, Fresh, Layered, etc. are all adjective that attempt yet fail to truly capture the essence of Ambrosia ejuice.



Here at Nola Vape, we wear many hats. For a steady stream of innovation and discovery, we like to don our proverbial Wizard hats.  For our latest alchemical masterpiece, we set out to develop an evolved eJuice.

Every good wizard wields an elixir, a stash of magical matter. Now the Nola Vape Wizards invite you to share in our own personal elixir – our Private Reserve eBrew. Inspired by New Orleans’ bygone days, we explored the rich history surrounding Voodoo Queen Marie Levou’s otherworldly presence in this culturally vibrant city. The undeniably esoteric essence of voodoo and the Occult is interwoven with the very roots of this port city, giving New Orleans the capacity to continuously transform and grow.

In the spirit of that dynamic energy, Vaper makers are modern-day alchemists, turning one form into another, turning a liquid into a succulent vapor. So why not step up your wizard game with Private Reserve?  It is the crème de la crème of eJuice, after all. These elegant flavors fuse premium ingredients for a truly progressive and innovative vaping experience. It’s unlike any other eJuice. It’s an eBrew.

Welcome to the evolution of vaping. Nola Vape’s Private Reserve puts the “pro” in progress, so embrace your inner wizard and buy some today!

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