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A tank is the cylindrical style glass, plastic, or acrylic piece of an e-cigarette where the e-Juice is held and vaporized. It’s traditionally hooked up to a lithium-ion battery via either an eGo-threaded (wider) or 510-threaded (narrower) connection; both of which are very common in the vaping industry. Perhaps the two most common styles of tanks are clearomizers (the most common) and rebuildable tank atomizers (more advanced usually producing more flavor and bigger clouds of vapor.

NOLA Vape stocks a wide variety of e-cigarette tanks and clearomizers including well known brands such as: Kanger, Aspire, Exotiq and more. Feel free to visit any of our local distributors in New Orleans so our friendly, experienced employees can aid you in finding the best tank to fit your vaping preferences and equipment.

NOLA VAPE included some helpful information and resources on e-cigarette tanks below; nonetheless, if you have any questions or or concerns please feel free to contact us by filling out our contact form.

Info Tutorials & Frequently Asked Questions on E-Cigarette Tanks & Clearomizers

How Do E-Cigarette Tanks Work?

The “tank” is the container that holds your e-liquid . Inside the tank is an atomizer (heating element) that contains a wick (traditionally silica or cotton) wrapped with a metal coil (usually kanthal). The wick absorbs e-liquid which is then heated by the coil, vaporizing the e-liquid for inhalation. The atomizer sits in an area with various sized openings that permit e-juice to saturate the wick. E-juice should enter the atomizer only through the wick; however, sometimes tanks  leak. (some tanks are more prone to leaking than others). A properly working tank permits inhalation of only vapor rather than the eliquid itself. If your tank is leaking, please feel free to stop by any of NOLA VAPE’s distribution locations and our employees will be happy to help you troubleshoot it.


Clearomizers are the most popular style of tank currently on the market. The clearomizer is a transparent, atomizer / cartridge combination. This term is frequently applied to a wide variety of different tanks including simple disposables and more complicated larger tanks.

Disposable Clearomizers

  • A disposable clearomizer is a type of tank that is thrown away when the atomizer quits working. The wick, coil, and tanks on these units are non-replaceable. The atomizer is no longer functioning when the e-cig starts producing less vapor,  becomes clogged results in difficult draws (pulls), or the taste changes. Disposable clearomizers will almost always produce less vape and flavor than tanks with a replaceable atomizers, and they are not as cost-effective over time.
  • Tanks With Removeable Atomizer Heads
    This type of tank allows you to replace the atomizer core. Atomizer heads, sometimes referred to as “coils,” can last about a few days to a few weeks or more, depending on the style of tank and coil used. For people new to ecigs, replaceable coils are traditionally the most convenient and cost-effective form of vaping, producing excellent vapor quality and flavor all day long.

What Should I Consider When Picking a Clearomizer?

  • Which coils work with what tank?
    Plain and simple, certain brands only produce coils specifically for their own tanks, determining the type of coil used in a particular tank. Example: I bought a Kanger Tech tank therefore I should by Kanger Tech Coils to match the particular tank.  This style of production is commonly known as “propietary”
  • Dual Coil, Single Coil?
    Atomizers are either single or dual coil style. Particular tanks permit only single or dual coils; however, some tanks accept both types. Single coils are capable of producing less heat, vapor, and flavor. Dual coils produce more flavor and vapor; however, they vape e-liquid quicker than single coils.
  • What coil resistance should I choose for my tank?
    Atomizer head coil resistance is measured in ohms. It is yet another important factor to consider when picking coils. Various tanks are compatible with certain varieties of  coil resistance. Typically,  lower resistance results in more vapor and flavor production; Lower resistance coils traditionally have a shorter life than others. The resistance of premade atomizers usually ranges from 1.0 ohm – 2.5 ohms;nonethless, Kanger Tech just released 0.8 ohm (Sub Ohm) resistance coils.  Technical Aside: larger resistance means that the coil’s wire is thinnervand/or longer; therefore, there is more “resistance” opposing the electric current traveling through it, resulting in a slower warm up (time it takes to heat the wire).  Taking a large pull off of a higher resistance coil will usually produce the same amount of heat as a lower resistance coil; however, it will take a longer time to do so.  A lot of modern ecigs dont permit longer draws (pulls), automatically cutting off the power to the atomizer after about 5 – 10 seconds.
  • Acrylic, Pyrex, Polycarbonate Plastic, or Glass.  What Tank Material to Choose ?
    Regardless of using a glass or plastic tank, the amount of vapor and flavor production will be the same on both accounts. Certain types of e-liquid (mainly those with high concentrations of citrus acids) will melt and or crack plastic tanks over time (my poor lungs), which is a pain in the a** and potentially dangerous if the e-juice touches your skin. Mint, citrus, and “red hot” or cinnamon flavors are renowned for cracking plastic tanks.
  • Top Wicking vs Bottom Wicking
    Many of the original clearomizers wick’s soaked in e-Liquid from the top are of the tank. Sometime after, bottom wicking coils were introduced, allowing ejuice to constantly flow towards the atomizer at the bottom of the tank allowing for a more steady, consistent flow of eliquid into the system. Most vapers recognize bottom wicking coils as the better vaping experience all around; however, some vapers opt for the flavor style from top wicking tanks (To me, this tastes more “plasticy” but to each their own).
  • Sizes
    Atomizers come in a variety of different sizes. Perhaps the most popular/common sizes are the same width as the eGo-style batteries, giving ecigs a more flush, seamless look. Atomizers such as Kanger’s Aerotank are not quite as wide as a 22 millimeter ecig mod. The Aspire Nautilus(a bit bigger than 22mm) has a fatter glass tank.
  • Pull Resistance and Draw Tightness
    Pull resistand and draw tightness is a measure of how hard you have to suck on the device in order to get the desired amount of vapor. For instance the Innokin i Clear 16 D has a very tight pull with awesome flavor production. If the pull resistance is the only thing changed, a more restrictive pull produces more flavor because it usually means that said vapor is of a higher concentration upon reaching the tongue. Nonetheless, many factors contribute to this; and, more often than not a looser draw produces a more desirable vaping experience regarding flavor.
  • Controlling the Airflow
    A variety of tanks allow you to control the amount of air that your tank gets from outside. The range extends from entirely open all the way to partially closed. Such will vary on your vapor and flavor preferences. It is easy to control the amount of airflow. Vapers can modify the airflow on their devices from one puff to the next depending on what type of tank they choose.
  • What type of threading is on my Mod?
    Threading is how you screw your tank onto an ecig mod. Various mods are compatible with the eGo style and 510 style threads., Certain mods only permit one type of thread. Before you buy a tank you should make sure to check that your mod and tank use a compatible threads.

Rebuildable Atomizer Tanks

  • What are Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTA)?
    Rebuildable Tank Atomizers are kind of like clearomizers; however, instead of purchasing premade, the end user rebuilds the atomizer coils/heads themselves. Perhaps the most popular type of RTA is known as the “Kayfun”. For RTAs are exceedingly more expensive to produce (cough* cough* marketing lies) A variety of Chinese based companies create less expensive, cheaper made replicas of the original models affectionaley also known as clones throughout the industry.
  • Why Build your Own Atomizer and Coils?
    Vapers choose to rebuild their coils because the coils they build are capable of producing a much deeper flavor, larger vapor clouds, and such. Choosing to buy silica, cotton, and hemp wick and kanthal wire is a more economical choice and helps insure your not messing around with any Unregulated Chinese Products
  • Should I Rebuild?
    Although it might seem intimidating at first; rebuilding a coil is incredibly easy. If you have a fifth grade education you should be able to rebuild an atomizer coil. True, pre-made atomizer coils and heads are more convenient.  Larger tanks  like the Kanger Aerotank or the Aspire Nautilus are capable of producing excellent flavor and overall badass vapor clouds.
  • What Research Will Help me Rebuild?
    Basic Google Keyword Search terms pertaining to rebuilding are Ohm’s law, Atomizer Rebuilding, Rebuild Coil, battery amperage limit, mod safety. Check out youtube videos too!

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